Adolescent Substance Abuse IOP

SA for Adolescents

We utilize the Matrix Model for adolescents which strives to improve the lives of individuals and families affected by alcohol and drug use through treatment, education, training, and research by promoting a greater understanding of addiction disorders and providing proven, most effective, cutting edge outpatient treatment methods.

Exult Healthcare’s IOP understands the importance of social activities and shorter group session lengths for the youthful mind.  The counselors at Exult Healthcare focus on promoting self-esteem, self-worth, and dignity for adolescents struggling to find their way in society.

We believe family participation is an integral part of the treatment.  Our program includes weekly family groups as well as individual family therapy.  “We will help families break the cycle of addiction by creating a better understanding of addiction disorders.  Helping adolescents and families affected by alcohol and drug use by providing proven, most effective, cutting-edge outpatient treatment methods.  We will help you understand and treat the root cause fo addition, leading to your success in achieving sobriety.”

Adolescents face peer pressure and negative social influences on a daily basis.  Implementing the Matrix model enables these youthful clients to discover ways to become socially active with the use of harmful substances.  The program last for 16 weeks; adolescents meet 4 times a week for 2 hours, receive and individual therapy session that is driven by the treatment plan and families and adolescents participate in a 1-hour family program each week.  For additional information and a free screen, please call 469-714-0006.


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