What is your Emotionship Number?

What is your Emotionship Number?


The WSJ in a recent article – “Why Our Mental Health Takes a Village” by Elizabeth Bernstein talks about the need of having “emotional specialists’ as your friends for your long-term wellness and greater satisfaction in life. These folks help us manage our emotions. This study of having relationships to manage our emotions or moods is called “emotionship”!

According to the article we need different friends with different skillsets to manage our spectrum of emotions. Typically, these are the folks who care about us. Having said that not everyone close can be a “emotional specialist” if they cannot connect with you at the emotional level.

You need to carefully build your “emotional village” by focusing what emotions they can help you with. Your “being mad” emotional specialist may not equate to your “being sad” specialist. As you carefully grow the list make sure you carry out pruning the non-performers!

Finally, it is always a good practice to add some professionals. Like the article says – “Consider adding a life coach, religious counselor, yoga teacher, nutritionist, personal trainer, meditation teacher, massage therapist, or work mentor to your network. “Get the person who will help you change your day-to-day life, not someone who will simply give you someone to talk to,” says Amanda Crowell, a coach and consultant in Glen Ridge, N.J., who helps people and organizations manage change.”

So folks to live a happier life – get working in building those emotionships!!

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