Think about the last time you had the energy or drive to complete a task- whether it was to clean the house or to pay attention in school and maintain passing grades. I had a client in the past who came in with his mother who was concerned about her son’s lack of interest-from school to extracurricular activities. The client would spend his free time playing video games, which he stated he enjoyed but wouldn’t express any excitement or passion. When asked what he wanted to pursue in the future he responded “I don’t know.”I proposed and highly recommend the client to start delving into a possible part time job, sport, or volunteering so that would instill purpose in his life and create motivation. I educated the client and mom that he may have to try all different kinds of activities to see what really creates passion for himself to relay that purpose in other areas such as school. If you are interested in how creating purpose in life can help- please contact Exult Healthcare @ 469.714.0006.

By: LP-C Therapist

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