Last night, we held an Information Session to present our new medically-managed Weight Loss Management program to the community. Our Nurse-Practitioner and WLM Program Director, Christelle Leiker, showed visitors around our McKinney location and let them sample our Nestle Optifast products, which are specially-formulated to help clients meet their dietary and nutritional needs.

We also unveiled our Tanita machine for the first time, which, while similar in appearance to a simple scale, is actually a highly complex piece of machinery which analyzes the composition of one’s body and can tell a person various things about it, in addition to their weight, such as fat %, muscle mass, BMI, Total Body Water, and metabolic rate, among other things.

If weight management has always been a struggle for you, then come to Exult or contact us today to set up an appointment to get yourself on the road to a healthier body!

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