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Yoga means to “Yoke” or “To Unite”. It means connecting your mind and body or connecting breathing and postures. Yoga is not just the practice of poses but also about breathing and mindfulness.

Yoga has many benefits such improving the breathing, increasing strength and stamina, most importantly helps with relaxation of mind by decreasing the stress. Relaxation and awareness(Mindfulness) techniques help you with self-control.

Mindfulness is all about bringing the awareness about yourself. Mindfulness is literally defined as being in a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment while acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts and sensations.

Self-doubt and fear holds us back from achieving so many things in life and blinds us from seeing good options. We find new opportunities and self-growth when we become self-confident and fearless by practicing mindfulness.

Sometimes, our mind becomes foggy and cloudy with all different emotions like hate, fear, anger, grief and resentment. Yoga, breathing and mindfulness practice helps us see clearly by moving those clouds away from the mind. Mindfulness helps us move out of the past bad experiences and make us understand the present reality. It brings awareness of being in the present moment and increases your ability to react to stressful situations.

Links about research on the Mindfulness(Meditation) practice:

About Varsha

Varsha is a E-RYT200 (Experienced Registered Yoga teacher) and is registered with Yoga Alliance, USA with 25 years of personal yoga practice and 1000+ hours of teaching yoga.  she has practiced and studied yoga, breathing(Pranayama) and Mindfulness(Meditation) from childhood – starting with her maternal uncle when she was about 8 years old and having formal training in Hatha Yoga when she was in high school.

Varsha also has a Master’s Degree in Accounting.  After Coming to the USA, Varsha worked in the software field for a few years. She then decided to follow her dream and passion for teaching Yoga and help promote healthy and peaceful life.

Varsha teaches Hatha, Restorative yoga, Breathing exercise(Pranayama) and Mindfulness (Meditation).


Varsha can be reached at

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