By: Katelyn Braatz


Why Are Family Sessions Important When Working with Child or Adolescent Populations?

In my work with children or adolescents, I consider it important to think of family therapy as a component of their treatment plan. When one considers how family members impact one another in regards to emotional and physical developments, it would only make sense to involve family members in a client’s session. Compared to individual therapy, family sessions have several distinct benefits, including but not limited to: increased communication, improved relationships with one another, and deeper understanding of each other (empathy).

As much as I would like all family members to be present, sometimes it simply is not feasible. Therefore, I occasionally work just one legal guardian/parent with the child/adolescent. The goal of these family sessions is to allow for a safe place to exchange emotions and issues with one another. This may be achieved through a series of therapeutic games or simply by talking to one another with myself as the mediator. The family session would focus on the underlying issues that have broken the communication or relationship and hopefully have all family members build each other to be able to work as a team and work together effectively to better handle any issues that lie ahead.

If you or a loved one are interested in family sessions, please contact Exult Healthcare at (469) 714-0006.

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